Case reports of viral meningitis/encephalitis.

The Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society : official organ of the Louisiana State Medical Society

PubMedID: 12873102

Norwood C, Naponick JJ, Burton S, Varoqua S, Morris J, Kuizon D. Case reports of viral meningitis/encephalitis. J La State Med Soc. 2003;155(3):154-7.
The purpose of this paper is to present three case reports of patients who presented to a local hospital in Northern Louisiana with symptoms of viral meningitis and encephalitis. It also updates physicians on the signs and symptoms of persons infected with West Nile virus (WNV), a new and emerging infection in the Western Hemisphere. Beginning in June 2002, persons in Louisiana, particularly the southern part of the state, started presenting to health facilities with symptoms of infection with the WNV. By August 2002, persons in the northern part of the state were also experiencing symptoms that include neurologic presentations of the disease. After completing recommended diagnostic measures for possible infection with flaviviruses, the three cases presented here were positive for viral meningitis/encephalitis. Beginning in June 2002, the state experienced an outbreak of WNV of epidemic proportions. Consequently, clinicians need to be mindful of the symptoms, diagnostic measures, treatment, prevention, and reporting of meningitis/encephalitis.