High-power 140-GHz quasioptical gyrotron traveling-wave amplifier.

Physical review letters

PubMedID: 12857176

Sirigiri JR, Shapiro MA, Temkin RJ. High-power 140-GHz quasioptical gyrotron traveling-wave amplifier. Phys Rev Lett. 2003;90(25 Pt 1):258302.
We present the design and experimental results of a novel quasioptical gyrotron traveling-wave tube (gyro-TWT) amplifier at 140 GHz. The gyro-TWT produced up to 30 kW of peak power in 2 micros pulsed operation at 6 Hz achieving a peak gain of 29 dB, a peak efficiency of 12%, and a bandwidth of 2.3 GHz. The device was operated in a very higher-order mode of an open quasioptical interaction structure, namely, a confocal waveguide. The diffraction loss from the open sidewalls of the confocal waveguide was used to suppress mode competition in this highly overmoded circuit resulting in a stable single-mode operation. The experiment achieved record high power levels at 140 GHz for a gyro-TWT. These experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of using overmoded quasioptical waveguide interaction structures for generating high power in the millimeter and submillimeter wave bands with a gyro-TWT.