Near-infrared transmittance pulse oximetry with laser diodes.

Journal of biomedical optics

PubMedID: 12880360

Lopez Silva SM, Dotor Castilla ML, Silveira Martin JP. Near-infrared transmittance pulse oximetry with laser diodes. J Biomed Opt. 2003;8(3):525-33.
Pulse oximeters are widely used for noninvasive monitoring of oxygen saturation in arterial blood hemoglobin. We present a transmittance pulse oximetry system based on near-infrared (NIR) laser diodes (750 and 850 nm) for monitoring oxygen saturation of arterial blood hemoglobin. The pulse oximetry system is made up of the optical sensor, sensor electronics, and processing block. Also, we show experimental results obtained during the development of the whole NIR transmittance pulse oximetry system along with modifications in the sensor configuration, signal processing algorithm, and calibration procedure. Issues concerning wavelength selection and its implications for the improvement of the transmittance pulse oximetry technique are discussed. The results obtained demonstrate the proposed system's usefulness in monitoring a wide range of oxygen saturation levels.