[The significance of HLA-G for miscarriages].

Medycyna wieku rozwojowego

PubMedID: 15537250

Grzywacz M, Ronin-Walknowska E. [The significance of HLA-G for miscarriages]. Med Wieku Rozwoj. 2004;7(3 Suppl 1):105-14.
In the article, we described major histocompatibility antigens and their distribution in the feto-maternal junction. In particular we have taken into consideration HLA-G, its structure and isoforms. Further on, we cited opinions about their role during reproductive processes, creation of syncytiotrophoblast, remodeling of spiral arteries, growing and maturation of placenta. The lack of correct function of HLA-G can lead to disorders in ovum implantation, hormonal and nutritional function of placenta which can cause reproductive failure, including abortions, intrautrine growth retardation, intrauterine fetal demise, preeclampsia. The genotype HLA-G is potentially related to habitual abortions.