[Recovery of platinum with immobilized Citrobacter freudii XP05 biomass].

Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao = Chinese journal of biotechnology

PubMedID: 15969064

Hu HB, Liu YY, Fu JK, Xue R, Gu PY. [Recovery of platinum with immobilized Citrobacter freudii XP05 biomass]. Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao. 2003;19(4):456-61.
The objective of this work was to develop a valuable adsorbent for recovery of platinum by studying the properties of Pt4+ -adsorption with immobilized Citrobacter freudii XP05 biomass. Five methods for immobilization of Citrobacter freudii XP05 biomass were compared. The method with gelatin-alginate sodium as entrapment matrix was considered to be the optimal. Spherical and uniform beads were produced and the SEM micrograph indicated that the cell of strain XP08 were uniformly dispersed within the matrix. The adsorption of Pt4+ by immobilized XP05 biomass was affected with adsorptive time, pH value of the solution, immobilized biomass concentration, Pt4+ initial concentration The adsorption was a rapid process. The optimal pH value for Pt4+ adsorption was 1.5, and its adsorptive capacity increased linearly with increasing Pt4+ initial concentrations in the range of 50 - 250 mg/L. The experimental data could be fitted to Langmuir and Freundlich models of adsorption isotherm. The adsorptive capacity reached 35.2 mg/g under the conditions of 250 Pt4+ mg/L, 2.0 g/L immobilized biomass, pH 1.5 and 30 degrees C for 60 min. 98.7% of Pt4+ adsorbed on immobilized biomass could be desorbed with 0.5 mol HC1/L. The characteristics of dynamic adsorption and desorption of immobilized XP05 biomass in packed-bed reactor were investigated. The saturation uptake was 24.66 mg Pt4+ /g under the conditions of flow rate 1.2 mL/min, pH 1.5, 50 mg Pt4+/L and 1.85 g biomass(dry weight) . Adsorptive efficiency of Pt4 + by the immobilized XP05 biomass was above 78% for 4 cycles of adsorption and desorption. The recovery of platinum from waste platinum catalyst was studied. The adsorptive capacity was 20.94 mg Pt4+/g immobilized biomass under the conditions of 4.0 g/L immobilized XP05 biomass, 117.76 mg Pt4+/L and pH 1.5 for 60 min. The immobilized XP05 biomass is potentially applicable to the recovery of platinum from waste and wastewater containing platinum.