Spectroscopic characterization of natural corals.

Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry

PubMedID: 12955275

Kaczorowska B, Hacura A, Kupka T, Wrzalik R, Talik E, Pasterny G, Matuszewska A. Spectroscopic characterization of natural corals. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2003;377(6):1032-7.
The FTIR, micro-Raman, NMR, and XPS spectra of 25 different natural corals have been compared. Reflectance and transmission absorbance IR and Raman data have been used as rapid and efficient means of classification of natural corals containing aragonite (non-precious white species), calcite (red, pink, precious white species), and organic material (black protein polymer). The combination of reflectance IR and infrared microscopy could serve as a rapid, non-destructive method for distinguishing natural corals from artificial, fake jewels.