[The surgical treatment of lung tuberculosis].

Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania)

PubMedID: 12560615

Vencevicius V, Grazelis E, Serpytis J, Gineitis A. [The surgical treatment of lung tuberculosis]. Medicina (Kaunas). 2003;38 Suppl 230-2.
The article informs about the treatment results of 1036 patients operated on because of different forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. According to spreading of tuberculosis and developed complications in spite of the medicamentical treatment the patients were divided into two clinical groups. The first group included 387 patients with direct and relative indications for surgery. The second group included 649 patients with complications of pulmonary tuberculosis, and 167 new diagnosed cases were documented among them (with spontaneous pneumothorax - 180, spontaneous pyopneumothorax - 117, tuberculous pleural empyema - 225, pulmonary hemorrhage - 101, with pulmonary reoperations - 26). The results of radical and paliative operations were as follows: 991 (95.6%) patients recovered, 45 patients (4.4%) died.

When the therapeutical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is ineffective, especially in drug-resistant cases, the surgical treatment is indicated.