[Serological affinity of some species of nonpathogenic corynebacteria].

Mikrobiolohichnyi zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine : 1993)

PubMedID: 11944349

Furtat IM, Nohina TM, Mikhal's'kyi LO, Vedenieieva OA. [Serological affinity of some species of nonpathogenic corynebacteria]. Mikrobiol Z. 2002;64(1):66-76.
Serological peculiarities of the species strains Corynebacterium glutamicum, C. ammoniagenes, C. vitaeruminis, C. variabilis and strain of Corynebacterium sp. (Brevibacterium stationis) UCM Ac-719 have been investigated with the help of immunoenzyme analysis ELISA with the use of mice immune serum, specific to C. ammoniagenes UCM Ac-732T, C. vitaeruminis UCM Ac-718T, C. variabilis UCM Ac-717T, C. glutamicum UCM Ac-733 and Corynebacterium sp. UCM Ac-719. It has been established that the species of nonpathogenic corynebacteria differ between themselves as to the degree of serological affinity. C. variabilis, C. ammoniagenes and C. glutamicum are the least similar as to this indication. Weak antigenic relations have been revealed in C. vitaeruminis and C. ammoniagenes. The latter displayed the higher, as compared with other strains, affinity for Corynebacterium sp. UCM Ac-719. The highest degree of serological affinity within the species was registered in strains C. glutamicum and C. variabilis. Data obtained evidence that the ELISA method permits conducting the high-reliability species diagnosis of nonpathogenic corynebacteria on the basis of their antigenic characteristics.