A community of scholars: recollections of early years of the medical college of ohio.

JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association

PubMedID: 23032557

This lavishly illustrated work chronicles the founding in 1964 of the Medical College of Ohio (MCO) at Toledo and its first 4 decades of operation. The book is an admittedly “heterogeneous collection of memoirs, reminiscences, and reconstructions, for the most part personal accounts by those whose careers were intimately involved”. In this sense, it comprises a genre that might be unkindly termed “court history”—an accounting of a history to justify the path taken, seldom admitting shortcomings and glorifying success, however modest. But in this particular iteration, it is a true labor of love, inspired by revered emeritus professors Mark Rayport and J. Thomas Martin, who both brought to the school distinguished credentials and reputations and instilled in colleagues a striving for excellence.