[Theoretical validation of local express auto-cytokine therapy].

Vestnik oftalmologii

PubMedID: 12226973

Kasparova EA, Fadeeva LL, Pavliuk AS, Pereverzina OK, Kasparov AA. [Theoretical validation of local express auto-cytokine therapy]. Vestn Oftalmol. 2002;118(3):25-7.
Theoretical validation for local express autocytokine therapy (LEACKT), used in recent years with good results for the treatment of viral and nonviral diseases of the eyes, is provided. In vitro experiments showed that autologous cytokine complex appearing after stimulation of patient's peripheral whole blood with poludan (polyA:polyY complex, 200 micrograms) includes all three interferon types (alpha, beta, and gamma) and interleukin-8 (IL-8) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). It was shown for the first time that poludan stimulated the production of IL-8, the main chemotactic cytokine inducing chemotaxis, neutrophil activation, angiogenesis stimulation, and regeneration. This was not paralleled by an increase in the production of TNF, the key mediator of inflammation, whose level in whole blood did not increase. Addition of poludan to cell culture led to a 2-fold decrease of lymphocyte apoptosis in comparison with that after treatment with dexamethasone alone. The results of experiments indicate that LEACKT with poludan is characterized by pronounced antiinflammatory, interferonogenic, regeneratory, and antiapoptosis effects in various diseases of the anterior segment of the eye and is a simple and safe method.