Chronic pneumonitis of infancy.

European radiology

PubMedID: 12522629

Abe K, Kamata N, Okazaki E, Moriyama S, Funata N, Takita J, Yamada H, Takayama N. Chronic pneumonitis of infancy. Eur Radiol. 2002;12 Suppl 3S155-7.
Chronic pneumonitis of infancy (CPI) is a very rare lung disease in infants and young children. We report a 33-day-old infant with CPI, focusing on the radiologic aspects of the disease. Chest radiographs showed variable and non-specific appearances including ground-glass shadowing, consolidation, volume loss, and hyperinflation. Dense alveolar opacities progressed as CPI advanced. The radiologic features of our case reflected pathologic changes.