[Significance of bad habits in orthodontics].

Fogorvosi szemle

PubMedID: 12236087

Tarján I. [Significance of bad habits in orthodontics]. Fogorv Sz. 2002;95(4):135-42.
The author is concerned with the etiological role of bad habits in the development. Disturbances caused by pacifier habits, finger sucking, various forms of swallowing habits and their therapeutical possibilities are discussed. The role of mouth breathing, nail biting, bruxism and self-mutilation in development of anomalies and their therapy are also mentioned. The attention is called to the fact that dentists have responsibility and task to diagnose as early as can be the oral bad habits and that the adequate therapy in time in co-operation with other specialists helping the child get out of bad habits, preventing the development of severe anomaly.