[Bone metabolism in hypo-estrogenic young women].

Clinical calcium

PubMedID: 15775423

Koera K, Nozaki M, Nakano H. [Bone metabolism in hypo-estrogenic young women]. Clin Calcium. 2002;12(9):1258-63.
Hypo-estrogenic state induces the increased bone turnover finally into osteoporosis. Most typical case of hypo-estrogenic bone metabolism is that of postmenopausal women. We pay attention to other bone metabolism in hypo-estrogenic state women; (1) Amenorrhea patients in young women; (2) Oophorectomized young women; (3) Patients on GnRH analogue therapy. These patients should be evaluated their bone metabolism carefully. It is also important to prevent their bone loss with hormone replacement therapy.