[Doping in high-level athletes].

Annales pharmaceutiques francaises

PubMedID: 12378138

Chalchat B. [Doping in high-level athletes]. Ann Pharm Fr. 2002;60(5):303-9.
Recent doping affairs clearly demonstrate that all sports are concerned, leading to a generalized suspicion concerning champions and their performance. Many athletes struggling to reach their own personal goals have the unacceptable impression that they cannot compete fairly with competitors who are presumably (or effectively) doped. This situation may easily lead to deviant behavior. The sincerity of many high-level athletes when they discuss doping is very questionable in light of the notoriety and financial aspect linked with success. Public image is all important.Unfortunately, at this level is appears to be utopic to assume preventive measures would be effective. Several factors are involved Taking into consideration these different elements, one could be rather pessimistic concerning the eradication of doping in high-level athletes. There could even be a risk of seeing a trend towards public acceptance of more or less "tolerated" doping among professional athletes, similar to what is observed in the United States. It might be preferable to concentrate efforts on education and prevention in the young population.