Unusual imaging findings in Wilson's disease.

European radiology

PubMedID: 12522607

Akhan O, Akpinar E, Oto A, Köroglu M, Ozmen MN, Akata D, Bijan B. Unusual imaging findings in Wilson's disease. Eur Radiol. 2002;12 Suppl 3S66-9.
We present unusual imaging findings in the liver of a patient with Wilson's disease. On US, the liver contours were irregular and its echogenicity was increased with multiple, small hypo- and hyperechoic nodules. Prominent perihepatic fat layer was noted to be increased in thickness. On CT and MR, multiple, small, enhancing nodules were detected in the liver in the early arterial phase after administration of intravenous contrast material. Biopsy was consistent with chronic parenchymal liver pathology with dysplastic changes but without evidence of hepatocellular carcinoma. To our knowledge, dysplastic nodules enhancing at the arterial phase and thickened perihepatic fat layer have not been previously reported in patients with Wilson's disease.