Transient dobutamine-mediated pulsus alternans.

The Canadian journal of cardiology

PubMedID: 11223491

Kahn JH, Starling MR, Supiano MA. Transient dobutamine-mediated pulsus alternans. Can J Cardiol. 2001;17(2):203-5.
Pulsus alternans, alternating weak and strong beats occurring in a heart beating at a constant rate, has most often been reported in patients with severe, end-stage heart failure. This patient with New York Heart Association functional class I heart failure developed pulsus alternans during the inotropic stimulation of dobutamine that subsequently resolved in a time course consistent with dobutamine clearance. Thus, in the setting of mildly impaired myocardial contractility, the inotropic stimulus of dobutamine may precipitate the development of reversible pulsus alternans.