The path to adoption for children of color.

Child abuse & neglect

PubMedID: 11330921

Kapp SA, McDonald TP, Diamond KL. The path to adoption for children of color. Child Abuse Negl. 2001;25(2):215-29.
This article focuses on the path to adoption for children involved in the public child welfare system.

Descriptive and event history analyses were conducted of 1,550 children who had been removed from their homes and placed in out of home care in the child welfare system in Kansas and have adoption as a goal.

African American children consistently took longer to reach significant milestones, including adoption placement and finalization.

African American children are over-represented throughout the progression from substantiated abuse to adoption. Future research in other states should focus on whether this trend is unique to Kansas or applicable in other states. Additionally, efforts should be devoted to investigating the social, psychological, cultural, and systemic factors contributing to this differential treatment. Finally, there is a dire need to develop and evaluate interventions targeted at meeting the specialized needs of African American children in this system.