Hydrodynamic characterisation of ventricular assist devices.

The International journal of artificial organs

PubMedID: 11510919

Vandenberghe S, Segers P, Meyns B, Verdonck P. Hydrodynamic characterisation of ventricular assist devices. Int J Artif Organs. 2001;24(7):470-7.
A new mock circulatory system (MCS) was designed to evaluate and characterise the hydraulic performance of ventricular assist devices (VADs). The MCS consists of a preload section and a multipurpose afterload section, with an adjustable compliance chamber (C) and peripheral resistor (Rp) as principal components. The MCS was connected to a pulse duplicator system for validation, simulating a wide range of afterload conditions. Both pressure and flow were measured, and the values of the different components calculated. The data perfectly fits a 4-element electrical analogon (EA). The MCS was further used to assess the hydrodynamic characteristics of the Medos VAD as an example of a displacement pump. Data was measured for various MCS settings and at different pump rates, yielding device specific pump function graphs for water and pig blood. Our data demonstrate (i) flow sensitivity to preload and afterload and (ii) the effect of test fluid on hemodynamic performance.