[Concept of the Mediterranean diet in modern European nutrition].

Likars'ka sprava / Ministerstvo okhorony zdorov'ia Ukrainy

PubMedID: 11692685

Smoliar VI. [Concept of the Mediterranean diet in modern European nutrition]. Lik Sprava. 2001;(4):10-5.
The article is devoted to the analysis of the conception of the Mediterranean diet that has become to be shared by many leading nutritionists of Europe over the last decade as a possible reference model of nutrition for inhabitants of many countries of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. An association is shown between some nutritional factors and indices for general mortality, mortality from ischemic heart disease and cancer of certain localizations. A positive effect has been unraveled of monounsaturated fatty acids together with negative effects of saturated fatty acids on the process of beta-oxidization and mitochondrial functions in the cardiac muscle. On the basis of the analysis of the existing data a conclusion has been reached that annexes to the existing principles of the A. A. Pokrovsky's optimum nourishment formula are necessary.