[Localized plano-cellular type of Castleman's disease].

Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica

PubMedID: 11432227

Pesko P, Bjelovic M, Micev M, Ebrahimi K, Jekic I. [Localized plano-cellular type of Castleman's disease]. Acta Chir Iugosl. 2001;47(3):45-51.
Castleman was first to study lymphoid tumour of the mediastinum with characteristic histologic features which had until then been mistaken for thymommas grossly, radiologically and histologically. It was soon evidented that the condition occurred in regions other then the mediastinum and even in places where lymph nodes are not normally presents. Localised plasma cell type is rare variant of Castlemans disease, especially as an intraabdominal variant. Most patients present with local symptoms, but general malaise or fever, anaemia, elevated sedimentation rate, polyclonal hypergamaglobulinemia etc. can be present. Using preoperative imaging procedures solid, well-circumscribed expansive mass can be detected. After surgical excision and patohistological examination diagnosis can be established. In this paper we report rare case of localised plasma cell type of Castlemans disease. Other types of disease, diagnostic findings and therapeutic possibilities are discussed.