Microfabrication of a combined AFM-SNOM sensor


PubMedID: 10741649

Schurmann G, Noell W, Staufer U, de Rooij NF . Microfabrication of a combined AFM-SNOM sensor. Ultramicroscopy. 2000;82(1-4):33-8.
The objective of this work is to fabricate a scanning probe sensor that combines the well-established method for atomic force microscopy, employing a micro-machined Si cantilever and integrated tip, with a probe for the optical near field. A photosensitive pn-junction is integrated into the tip for that purpose and an Al coating is applied to the tip. It comprises an aperture of 50-70 nm in diameter at the apex of the tip in order to spatially limit the interaction of the tip to the optical near field of the sample. Characterization of the tip and first results of simultaneously recorded force and photon images are presented.