[Magnet intestinal lesions. Case series].

Cirugia pediatrica : organo oficial de la Sociedad Espanola de Cirugia Pediatrica

PubMedID: 24482909

Castañeda Espinosa S, Jaimes de La Hoz P, Méndez Manchola M, Molina ID, Niño JA, Salamanca E, Sebá JE, Fierro Avila F. [Magnet intestinal lesions. Case series]. Cir Pediatr. 2013;26(3):146-9.
The ingestion of foreign bodies is a common trouble in the pediatric population, and most of cases occur between 6 months and 3 years. In general the vast majority of foreign bodies are not associated with morbidity or mortality. Ingestion of two or more magnets can lead to obstruction, fistulas, ulceration, perforation and bowel volvulus. In this series we present 4 cases of patients ingesting multiple magnets and who due to the ingested foreign body characteristics and clinical profile required surgical treatment.